We partner with long-standing, high-caliber wineries to help them take their place in the USA and Canada.

At Viteoak we have the energy and dynamism to best represent important wineries, in a historical moment of enormous change in the wine market.
Through our support, we give them the opportunity to have a suitable and unique sales structure. If before these producers felt they could not find the right partner in the most important market in the world, they can finally recognize in us a valid long-term project. Viteoak is a trusted partner who has not only been operating in US for over ten years, but uniquely cares about the image of each winery in its portfolio.

Roberto proposes one of the fullest expressions of Italian wine. He is a visionary who has rapidly created an unimaginable wine experience for those accustomed to “normal” quality standards. With attention and extreme dedication to every single detail, each year he creates masterpieces destined to enchant the wine lover — who will never be disappointed.

San Filippo is a historic winery from Montalcino which has been developed and enhanced through impeccable business choices since 2003. By pairing a world-class area together with Roberto Giannelli’s vision for an incredibly complex project with enormous potential, San Filippo is becoming the most important emerging reality from one of the most important appellations in the world for quality wine production.

In Italy, “La Famiglia” has always had a broader and more intense significance compared to other cultures. Over the years, Piero and Lucia, together with their children Emanuela and PierGuido, have managed to evolve a small project developed in the early 1970’s into a company with extreme quality. Each member of the family felt naturally called to the the task of developing the greatest expressions of the most excellent Crus, which the family has acquired over the years through hard work and sacrifice.

Over the course of the last 20 years, many international investors have become interested in the territory of Chianti Classico, fascinated by Tuscan viticulture and the surrounding landscape. Frank Grace is one of the few producers who has managed to set himself apart from the crowd. This is thanks to the immense humility and respect he has demonstrated toward the territory and its traditions since the late ’90s. Today, the winery boasts some of the most prized tracts of land in addition to a history of extreme quality.

Ermengildo Giusti has committed to upgrading the vineyards and winery in Montello, in the province of Treviso. Giusti’s love for the land of origin have given life to an innovative winery with the highest quality standards. The recent collaboration with Graziana Grassini is just one of the many projects in the pipeline.
Giusti Wine is comprised of ten individual estates, with each location, named after the family and all with unique characteristics.

Accordini is a small family-run business which began in the 70s in the Valpolicella Classica appellation, located in the Fumane valley at 550m above sea level. Stefano Accordini winery is a paradigm of perfectionism, every aspect linked to the production of wine is attended to with utmost care. Absolute quality is the distinct trait of Stefano Accordini’s small winery: organic management as well as maximum attention to the ecosystem contribute to produce wines of unmistakable and pronounced characteristics.

La Massa’s vineyards extend over 25 hectares facing south in the splendid and unique Conca d’Oro in Panzano in Chianti. Here the characteristics of the marl soils combine with Giampaolo Motta’s experience in Bordeaux to inspire his ongoing research. Three labels dedicated to Sangiovese and international varieties show a character that reaches beyond the Chianti Classico specification and represent all the greatness that Panzano territory has to express.

Isola delle Falcole is Emanuele Graetz’s dream come true. It produces just over 10,000 bottles from its nearly four hectares of prime vineyards in Panzano, with a great attention to sustainability and research. The winery produces just three labels, each one from a different vineyard Cru and each expressing the Chianti terroir in its own way. Isola delle Falcole’s first year of production was 2017.

Alberto Voerzio is a young producer in the heart of the Langhe who personally manages the vineyards with great care and dedication. There is no phase or manifestation of the vine that is left to chance and the spirit of tradition and respect for La Morra are delicately preserved. The ripening process takes place through programmed and targeted thinning to obtain the highest quality standards for the very best fruit.

We have been a fan of Cupano wines since the first vintage (2000) when Lionel and Ornella started to communicate to the world their beautiful project. Cupano is a family tale and their wines are an authentic representation of late (?)Lionel’s vision. In the last decade, Lionel and Ornella partnered with Andrea Polidoro, internal Winemaker and head of the winery, who brought a long term vision to the vineyards and to the wines, which are a true expression of the soil.

Winestillery is an unprecedented and visionary production reality and is proudly the first and only independent craft distillery in Chianti Classico region. The base spirit is made from 100% distilled wine. In the distillery, each phase of production has been designed to be done firsthand with an approach that is both artisanal and refined. Even Bacco is unique: it is a Pot Still tailor made for Winestillery, able to distill with both the Bennet and the Carter Head Method. Enrico and Niccolò, the two brothers running Winestillery, are going to change the distillation world, focusing for the first time in what is really important : the raw materials.

On Marche hills, between the Adriatic Sea and the Apennines, there is a new wine reality that will soon become a reference point: Podere l’Infinito. Organically managed by vocation, the vineyards are located high up (above 400 meters asl) and enjoy at the same time sea breezes and mountain thermal excursions, giving wines of great elegance and complexity. The company focus is first of all on Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi, declined in two versions: an easier and more drinkable one and a Cru, that demonstrates the greatness of this varietal with immense potential.

Oenologist Paolo Caciorgna, famous for his illustrious collaborations in Tuscany and other Italian regions, has recently embarked on a new exciting adventure: Terre Diverse. In it, Paolo aims at giving expression to beautiful and different terroirs of particularly suitable areas. To date, Terre Diverse offers two labels: Bacio a Scannisi Greco di Tufo, from Campania and Cereda from Etna, Sicily. Both are wines that convey the soul of those lands with great potential. In the future, other wines will be added to the range, to complete an ambitious and visionary project.

The Biondi Santi family has written indelible pages in the world of Fine Wine. The future of the family is now in Montepò. Jacopo and his son Tancredi – a great lover of the land and its fruits – are composing together this new chapter and its enormous potential. The family’s Sangiovese Grosso clone (BBS11) takes center stage in a unique location: Its great altitude (520 meters above sea level), marl soil and its proximity to extensive wooded areas favor wine elegance and finesse, rather than enhancing the structure and power given by more clayey soils and lower altitudes. The production of Sassoalloro Oro and the three Cru wines begins to reflect the quality that this location and the family’s history can and should express.

Yves Ruffin was founded in 1971 and it was immediately at the forefront of respect for terroir and quality, being one of only four producers to pursue organic viticulture in those years. The quality and perseverance of this young and emerging company allow it to produce wines with the typical astonishing texture of small producers, and with the nobility and consistency in the various dégorgement of the great Maisons. This is why we believe that this name will soon achieve enormous demand and reputation among all great Champagne producers.